Journey Processing

A deceptively simple technique that facilitates profound emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time. Access cell memories and limiting patterns easily. A road map to the soul giving direct access to the boundless healing potential inside us all. A deep cellular therapy created by Brandon Bays who healed herself of a basketball sized tumour on her uterus in six weeks with no medical intervention (she was in the care of a medical consultant and did this with her support). It is amazing work. It is totally supportive whatever methods of healthcare you choose.

This work is already being used in hospitals, prisons, government departments and by GPs, teachers, politicians, musicians and film stars. Work with kids and schools produces incredible results – bullying disappears, exam pass marks go up from 65% to 90%+ average! Kids have the ability to process in 15 minutes, adults 2-3 hours, just shows how much baggage we carry around I suppose! It’s amazing for self-esteem, respect and understanding, it is even on the cards for it to be required on the school curriculum by the government in South Africa the results are so incredible.

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