Systematic Kinesiology (based on osteopathic and chiropractic methods) links traditional Chinese ideas of meridian energy flow found in acupuncture and acupressure with western style muscle testing, diet and stress management. Today almost every country in the West accepts the eastern forms of healing alongside orthodox medicine. This treatment targets nutritional, mental, physical and energetic imbalances and all realms can be addressed for all imbalances at the same time.

When a muscle is tested the results reveal vital information about each individual, many aspects of the health and physiological functions of the person being tested can be assessed in seconds. Feedback direct from the body indicates what is required to correct not only the presenting symptom but also more importantly the underlying cause. This enables me to restore balance within the body simply and very quickly, sometimes in seconds, relieving energy blockages, reducing tension and enhancing the body’s cleansing of toxins and natural healing ability.

In the last 40 years Kinesiology has developed rapidly and much clinical research has validated the many new discoveries. This system of diagnosis and treatment is based on sound reproducible principles. Kinesiology has steadily gained world-wide acceptance and is one of the fastest developing natural health sciences recognised by the medical profession. Many orthodox western doctors and complementary practitioners now find muscle testing of great value. It is an almost ‘magical’ way to glean a great deal of information. It is simple, gentle, quick and non-intrusive.

Experience shows that in 90% of cases significant improvement (80%) is seen within three to six visits.

I taught the Association of Systematic Kinesiology foundation course. I was also asked to teach the diploma and though I enjoy teaching tremendously my time does not allow for it.

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