Nutrition &

Using kinesiology the body can tell us what it needs and what it does not thus aiding the body to detoxify and clear out, getting rid of pain, toxins, inflammation and blockages.

Anything can be tested either using kits or items brought in by the client. Sometimes a person may have sensitivities occur due to combining items or foods or from quantities of something rather than a full blown allergy. Testing can analyse this.

Peace Clinic stocks varied nutritional supplements, for example liquid Oxygen. Items can also be ordered and sent direct to you if not in stock. Clients can also then utilise the account to order by themselves with a personal code in the future if they wish. Also, Bach, Australian and Animal Essences (not from real animals) are given when needed.

Solutions are many and varied, everybody is different. Suitable for all ages. My clients age from 5 weeks to Octogenarians. A surrogate can be used.

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